McComber hoping to apply business principles as Grand Chief

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Frankie McComber is hoping to apply some of the business principles that he has embraced as an entrepreneur, combine them with the knowledge he’s gained as a member of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake since his election in 2019 and turn the results into a better community as Grand Chief, he said in an interview earlier this week.

In addition, he said, even if elected, he will tender his resignation within a year if he is unable to properly address the shortage of housing for elders in the community.

“We have 30 elders waiting for housing in the Elders’ Lodge. If we don’t have a shovel in the ground for a new Elders’ Lodge, by July 3, 2022, I promise I will resign,” he said, adding that the biggest challenge currently facing Kahnawake is the housing shortage affecting more than 40 other families.

“We’re in a housing crisis. We need to find a way to build some new apartment buildings, condo buildings. We need more affordable housing for families here,” said McComber, who has been in business as proprietor of the JFK Quarry since 2007 and thinks now is the time for him to step up and lead the community the MCK.

“I have a connection to the community. I make myself available to members of the community when I am needed. On council, I want to build a solid team that works, that is cohesive, respectful and responsible and of course, transparent and available to the community,” he said.

If elected, McComber said he would make MCK business more transparent and more accountable to the community and its constituents.

“We all have to be available. Not just in the six months before an election. We have to be there for people,” McComber said.

In addition, part of McComber’s platform consists of business development.

“We should be building partnerships with local businesses,” he said, adding under his leadership, the MCK will seek to establish such relationships.

“We should be considering more public-private partnerships,” he said. “Businesses need support from the MCK, but they don’t need to be co-owned by the MCK. We need investment but not involvement.”

McComber is one of five candidates for the post of Grand Chief of Kahnawake. The community will go to the polls Saturday to choose new leadership.

Marc Lalonde, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Iori:wase

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