McDavid: 'I haven't been at the top of my game' vs. Colorado

The Oilers managed only 11 shots in the final two periods of their Game 2 loss to the Colorado Avalanche. Edmonton captain Connor McDavid believes he needs to up his game to counter what he's seeing from the Avs' defence.

Video Transcript

- Connor, you guys got through the first in reasonable shape. But what do you think happened there during that stretch in the second where they got the three on you?

CONNOR MCDAVID: Yeah, I mean, they found-- they found a way to break through. We didn't. You know, yeah, they found a way to break through.

- Questions, Gene, on the right?

- Tyson, first period, you guys had that long five-on-three, you killed it off. Did you kind of feel like the first period was, especially on the road against a team like this, you kind of want to escape? And that you would be able to sort of build from there as the game progressed?

TYSON BARRIE: Yeah, I thought we played a good first. I think we got on a little penalty trouble. We did a good job killing it off. And you know, there's just a-- a bit of a stretch in the second there where they got one, and then we compound it. They got-- they got two, they got three. And that's-- you know, that's momentum. That's how this team rolls.

But we've got to do a better job at, you know, when they do get one, we got to stop the bleeding. And we can't compound and let it spiral out of control like that for a couple of minutes that it did.

- Right side, Mark.

- That's what I would ask Connor is, this Colorado team's done with other teams haven't done to you. They don't just score once, they score twice, they score three times. They grab a hold of a game for a period where it gets completely out of control. Is there-- you know, is there something you see that you can stop that spin cycle?

CONNOR MCDAVID: Like Tys mentioned, you know, they definitely feed off momentum. You know, they find ways to compound one and then turn it into three there. And obviously, it's on us to grab that.

You know, it seems like shift after goals are either for or against have hurt us over the last couple of games. And the shift after you know, they find-- they find a way to score right after. So yeah.

- Stan on the right.

- Connor, your team was only able to generate 11 shots in the final two periods. Can you talk about what the Colorado Avalanche were doing in order to kind of stymie any chances that you had?

CONNOR MCDAVID: Yeah, they played a solid game. Yeah, they played-- they played a good game.

- Back middle, Josh.

- Connor, what do you guys have to do to turn this thing around and dig your yourselves out of this hole heading home?

CONNOR MCDAVID: Yeah, we've been a real solid home team for the last little while. And we love playing in front of those fans. And we'll got ourselves back in the series at home here.

- Connor, you guys have been an opportunistic team all year. Why do you think you haven't been able to generate as much off the rush in these first two games?

CONNOR MCDAVID: Yeah, they've got good players. They got good D men. We haven't had a ton of chances off the rush. You know, we've got to find a way to create off the forecheck and you know, off O-zone play. You know, they do a lot of good things. And we've got to find a way to figure them out.

- One of the traits, Tyson, of your team this last month and a half has been when you get some adversity, you jump back and have a good game. 130 foot goal. You turn it around real quick. That didn't happen after game one. What-- do you have that in you, I guess, for game three here? Pretty important that.

TYSON BARRIE: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. We're down two, heading back to a rink that we love playing in. And you guys have seen how excited the City of Edmonton is, and we'll be ready to put forth our best effort in a big bounce-back in front of a crazy building. And we're certainly-- we're not counting ourselves out of this when we got a lot of hockey left to play.

- We have time for two more. Ryan in the middle.

- Connor, just in terms of the time and space that you don't seem to have out there, what are they doing that's maybe taking that away from you? And you know, just maybe assess how it's been out there for you in this series compared to before.

CONNOR MCDAVID: Yeah, I mean, probably haven't been at the-- at the top of my game here. You know, they've done a good job of limiting chances and stuff like that.

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