Hundreds of fake McDonald's coffee stickers found in car of man stopped by police

Police found hundreds of the replica McDonald's stickers
Police found hundreds of the replica McDonald's stickers (Photo: Steerside Enforcement Team)

A driver stopped by police in Bradford was found to have hundreds of fake McDonald's coffee stickers in his car.

The multiple sheets of stickers were lookalikes to the ones McDonald's customers can use to obtain a free hot drink.

According to West Yorkshire Police, the motorist was attempting to swindle the loyalty scheme.

Normally, six stickers can be swapped for a free coffee, and McDonald's customers receive a sticker with a coffee bean on it every time they purchase a coffee.

The fast food chain confirmed anyone with fake stickers would be refused a free drink.

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The man was stopped on Westgate Hill Street on Sunday by the Steerside Enforcement Team, which deals with anti-social and criminal use of the roads in Bradford, and was arrested on suspicion of drug driving.

West Yorkshire police told Yahoo News UK: “The reason it’s been reported is because it’s a bit different. The main offence which will be going forward is the motoring offence - so that’s driving under the influence of drugs, as opposed to the production of fake stickers.”

As punishment the driver has been given a "community resolution" for fraud due to the counterfeit stickers.

He will be summonsed to court for the drug-driving offence.

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The enforcement team wrote on Twitter: "It may seem inconsequential, but it is illegal to cheat a company like this.

"Just pay for your coffee!"

A spokesman for McDonald's said: "Anyone attempting to use what our restaurant teams believe to be counterfeit stickers will be declined their free coffee."

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