McDonald's Japan French Fry Perfume Sadly Isn't Real

mcdonal's french fry perfume
McDonald's Japan Fry Perfume Sadly Isn't RealMcDonald's Japan

Update: "The image was posted as part of a promotion for the limited-time flavored fries product, and we would like people to enjoy the scent of fries and flavors. This perfume is not actually manufactured or sold," wrote McDonald's Japan in an email to Food & Wine. Sad!

Move over, Flowerbomb, there's a new hot fragrance that will have you smelling like a fresh batch of McDonald's fries. No, seriously.

McDonald's Japan is putting out a line of perfumes that smell exactly like the chain's world-famous fries. According to FreshPlaza, the limited-edition release will include a trio of fragrances inspired by the French fry seasonings they have in Japan (yeah yeah, we know, another offering we don't get in the U.S.).

The three savory scents are plum nori seaweed salt, garlic black pepper mayo seasoning, and classic salted. Sounds...delicious?

In a Reddit thread announcing the news, some users were clearly turned off by the fry fragrances.

"Yuck..usually wear fragrance to get that stuff out of clothes," said one commenter.

One user pointed out that this isn't the first time a non-fragrance brand has jumped into the scent market.

"I… don’t hate this. I wouldn’t wear it on the regular but this just seems like a MSFTS marketing thing like when they did WD40 and Fabuloso Perfume," they said.

Another person confessed to being genuinely intrigued by the fragrance offerings, and we have to admit that we're kinda in the same boat.

"It has variations such as seaweed salt and mayo... both of which I wouldn't really want to smell like in any context. But it is a

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