McDougall 2021 draft budget: 6 things to know

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The Municipality of McDougall discussed its 2021 budget at its March 3 council meeting.

Some key infrastructure projects listed in the draft budget were the Nobel Community Hall, Henvey Road rehabilitation and asset management software.

Here are the top six budget considerations for 2021:

1. Listed under transportation, asphalt on Lake Forest Drive was the highest dollar value at $440,000.

2. A replacement grader was also listed under transportation needs at $220,000.

3. Rehabilitation for Henvey Road comes in at $110,000.

4. Under parks and recreation, the Nobel Community Hall project is budgeted at $100,000.

5. The landfill shop project is budgeted at $350,000.

6. Asset management software is listed under general government and has an estimated cost of $56,522.

Capital budget revenue streams for the Municipality of McDougall in 2021 include:

• The Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund will see $548,534 go to McDougall.

• The Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund will provide $149,179.

• Federal Gas Tax accounts for $163,937 in revenue for the municipality.

• The Investing in Canadian Infrastructure Project COVID-19 stream will grant $100,000.

• The Federation of Canadian Municipalities municipal asset management grant will allocate $44,000.

• The Municipality of McDougall currently has $685,522 in reserves.

• Other revenue highlights include a proposed 2 per cent residential property tax rate increase for an additional tax revenue of $90,000.

• The Henvey Inlet Community Benefit grant also provides an additional $50,000.

The entire 2021 draft budget for McDougall can be found on page 107 of the March 3 council agenda.

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