McLaren Artura hybrid officially set for February 16 reveal

Zac Palmer
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The long-awaited hybrid-powered McLaren Artura will be revealed next Tuesday, February 16. There’s a special showcase video that McLaren is putting on from Woking, England, that will come online at 7:01 p.m. ET that day. McLaren promises folks from its team and “brand personalities” (i.e. celebrities) will be introducing the car.

To catch the event, McLaren says you’ll want to visit this site that will be streaming the video live at reveal time.

We don’t have all the information as it concerns the Artura, but we do know some vitals. McLaren says it will be powered by a hybrid powertrain that features a completely new V6 engine. This will be the first McLaren since the brand’s road car reinvention with the MP4-12C that isn’t powered by a twin-turbo V8. It’s unclear how many electric motors will supplement the gas engine, but a previous report from Autocar predicted at least two with power going to the rear wheels exclusively. The Artura will also use McLaren’s new Carbon Lightweight Architecture that is specifically designed for electrified models.

Above, you’re looking at the single teaser image that McLaren released with its announcement today. It’s unmistakable as a McLaren in profile, as the shape looks a whole lot like the 570S.

To see the car in full view (but slathered in concealing camouflage) check out McLaren’s preview photos in this post here. And if you’d like to see the car’s full reveal, make sure to circle back here to this link right before the reveal is meant to begin.

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