McMurrich/Montieth landfill to be surveyed

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At its April 6 meeting, council received a presentation from Integrated Earth and Environmental Landfill consultant Brian Hachkowski, who was there to discuss the future of the landfill.

In February, council discussed the potential of allowing only household garbage to preserve the lifetime of the dump.

Here is the discussion in six quotes:

“What recommendations could we look at to better improve our footprint in the landfill such as composting; better ways of recycling; assortment of brush, lumber, metal — once we have an idea of how our footprint is going to go?” asked Reeve Angela Friesen.

“We’ve just barely touched on the pros and cons of going to a transfer station; we’re worried about when the day comes,” said Coun. Lynn Zemnicky.

“I’m concerned about the landfill filling up and having to go to something like that or spending millions of dollars trying to find land and build another dump somewhere,” said Coun. Dennis Banka.

“I don’t have dollar values for you right now, I only have suggestions … the last time I did a calculation on the site I think we had approximately nine years of capacity left at our landfill site and this was maybe three or four years ago,” said Brian Hachkowski, landfill consultant.

“My suggestion for you’re here tonight is start thinking of commercial fees for contractors,” said Hachkowski.

“I’ve seen bins brought in for people doing re-roofing of a house and they throw it all in a bin and it gets trucked out but it doesn’t hit our landfill site — that’s what I’d like to see,” said Coun. Dan O’Halloran.

Council accepted a tender for $7,200 from Callon Dietz to survey the landfill in April 2021.

Sarah Cooke’s reporting is funded by the Canadian government through its Local Journalism Initiative.

Sarah Cooke, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Parry Sound North Star