MD approves additional $75,000 to public works

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MD of Pincher Creek council approved close to $75,000 for additional public works projects during the June 22 council meeting.

The first was a $60,000 addition to the Bruder Hill capital project. The 2021 capital budget set aside $470,000 to reroute and rebuild about 300 metres of road north of Township Road 4-1A. The road is washing out due to a failing slope caused by a nearby river.

One lane is currently closed, and closing the road entirely is not an option since it would cut off access to agricultural fields, with the shortest detour totalling 25 kilometres.

Due to its timely nature, the road work was fast-tracked for 2021, which incurred higher engineering fees to complete a more technical road assessment. Higher supply prices and the need to relocate a gas line have also increased costs.

The MD has applied for funding under the local roads and bridges program provided by Alberta Transportation’s Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program. While awaiting the application’s results, the total $530,000 project price tag will come from the Municipal Sustainability Initiative.

The second public works budgetary addition was $14,270 to extend water infrastructure from the main waterline to an adjacent property that was purchased and developed after the line was installed. The project will be funded from the MD’s water and wastewater infrastructure reserve.

The provincial Municipal Government Act stipulates a municipal utility service must provide service to an adjacent parcel of land if requested by the property owner. The MD will be responsible only for providing infrastructure to the property line and the property owner will cover from the property line to the actual connection point.

A contractor will be hired to install the pipe and curb stop, which is a water control valve, located on the property line of most private dwellings or commercial properties. A tunnel will be bored under a road for the water pipes, and a meter lift with a flow-control valve will also be installed.

The next council meeting will be held Tuesday, July 13, at 1 p.m. The meeting link and agenda package will be available online at

Sean Oliver, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shootin' the Breeze

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