MD capital budget tweaked again

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MD council again approved adjustments to the 2021 capital budget, reported in the June 30 article MD Council Repurposes Portions of 2021 Budget. The changes come as a result of the MD postponing gravel crushing operations while it reviews the reclamation process.

Initially, $350,000 was allocated for capital work on a new eco-station, which will see a permanent recycling and waste transfer service site by the MD office. The amount has now been adjusted to $224,000 since engineering drawings and project costs have been established.

The $235,000 set aside for work on MD standpipes has likewise been adjusted. Council approved $244,000 to relocate and reinstall the Pincher Creek standpipe, which needs to be moved to make room for the eco-station.

The Cowley standpipe will be upgraded with a card reader for $6,000, and $300,000 will be spent on a new permanent standpipe in Beaver Mines.

All three standpipes will have credit card and coin payment options.

Funds for the Beaver Mines standpipe will come from the water and wastewater reserve, which currently has just over $900,000 in it. However, an additional $111,000 contribution to the reserve was approved as part of the budget adjustment to help temper the withdrawal.

Sean Oliver, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shootin' the Breeze

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