Meal program helping seniors in need

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Mary Holgate of Mary’s Catering has launched a new program to help seniors in the community receive healthy meals at a reduced cost.

“During these difficult times I am sure we all know a senior or a shut-in who has not benefited from the COVID relief money,” said Holgate in a social media post.

“Many seniors have poor health because they do not eat properly, they find it hard to cook for one person or physically difficult.”

Knowing that seniors were struggling inspired Holgate to start ‘Dinner for Seniors’, which will see a delivery of 20 meals per month to elders in need.

The cost of the meals is $120, of which $60 is paid for by the senior and the other $60 is sponsored.

“This is a very affordable option for them, maybe even allowing them to keep a bit more of their pension cheque,” said Holgate.

“This is much cheaper than them trying to buy groceries as I don’t think you could buy groceries for $60 a month.”

Holgate, who suffered a heart attack herself several years ago, knows the importance of nutritious, heart-healthy food, which is precisely what she plans to deliver to those who may not be eating properly due to lack of funds, ability or desire to cook for just one person.

According to Holgate, many seniors have already reached out to her hoping to take part in the program, and more sponsors are needed.

If you are in need of home-cooked meals, or wish to contribute funds to sponsor meals, reach out to Mary via her personal Facebook page, or her business page ‘Mary’s Catering’.

Morgan Hampton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Merritt Herald