Mean Cats Will Not Befriend Curious Doggy For The World

We all know and love those adorable videos where seemingly sworn enemies are actually beast buddies. Animals have always been able to set aside their differences and get along, even though their species do not agree with each other. Seeing one such incredibly unusual friendship, like the one where a rat made friends with a cat and a dog, really melts us into a puddle on the ground. But usually these things need time and the right circumstances to make it work. You really can’t force friendship.

But this little dog said “to hell with it” and went all out to befriend two adult cats who, apparently, have never seen a dog so eager to make friends. Pixie the Eurasian dog really wants to make friends with these cats, but the two felines are not impressed at all. Typical!

Pixie goes from one cat to the other, sniffing them to say hello, but as soon as they realize this big little animal is not of their own species, the cats hiss back and even try to swat her on the nose! What the heck are they doing? So impolite!

What is even less polite is how they are far more interested in watching the birds outside of the trailer, sitting casually at the window sill and ignoring the poor pup altogether. In the end, sweet little Pixie gives up on her endeavor to beat them and decides to join them instead, by climbing on the sill next to the cats. Will she fit?