Meek Mill reacts to judge not being removed from his case on ‘The View’

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment


Rapper Meek Mill visited The View with his attorney Jordan Siev and reacted to the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision to keep Judge Genece Brinkley on his case. Despite what  Mill’s ex Nicki Minaj has said, Siev described the judge as not impartial and, at times, inappropriate. “Rather than being an impartial arbiter of the facts, she’s taken steps like visiting Meek while performing community service.”

The former federal prosecutor and co-host Sunny Hostin reacted, “I have never in my 25-year career as a lawyer, criminal lawyer, heard of that. Ever.”

Mill and his attorney said that Mill has been unfairly punished for technical parole violations such as leaving the county. As a result, he was sentenced to two to four years in prison for the violations by the judge but was released in April after serving nearly five months.

Also, the Philadelphia district attorney has supported overturning the rapper’s original conviction in 2008, which led to his long probation.

Mill finished the interview discussing a foundation he, Jay-Z, and 76ers owner Michael Rubin are forming to work on criminal justice reform.

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