Meet Kristin Cavallari's New 24-Year-Old Model Boyfriend, Mark Estes

Kristin Cavallari has officially gone public with her new boyfriend, 24-year-old Mark Estes, and if your reaction to that statement is "Whomst?" hello and welcome. Here's what we know about KCav's new man.

They Went Instagram Official on February 27

The caption? A simple, "he makes me happy."

And Then Mark Dropped This on TikTok:

Cute! Oh, and FYI back in June, Kristin told Us Weekly, "I’m dating. I’ve gone through phases of going on a million first dates, and I’ve gone through phases where I’m not dating at all. At the moment, it’s not my priority, but I’m open to it."

The reality TV star then added, "Everyone tells me to get on the apps, but someone can be amazing on paper, and you meet them, and they’re a dud, or you just have nothing in common. I want that passion and fire. I feel like if it’s meant to be, he’ll find me. I don’t know where, because I hardly ever leave my house! Hopefully it will happen at the grocery store."

They Were First Spotted Hanging in Mexico

TMZ photographed KCav and Mark in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but they were simply standing next to each other, so nothing that ~official~.

He's a Model

I mean, obviously:

And He's a Former Football Player

According to People, Mark is a former college football player and played for Montana State University and Montana Tech.

He Has a Clothing Line

It's called Belmont Acres and Mark started it with friends in Montana.

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They're "Taking Things Slow"

A source tells Entertainment Tonight that "Kristin and Mark have been taking things slowly and were keeping things private until the news broke today. Both responded to the rumors, and are fine with the news about their relationship now being public."

Kristin Isn't Here for Comments About Mark's Age

As she captioned the below TikTok, “When they’re all up in arms that I’m dating a 24 year old. Andddd?”

Meanwhile, a source tells Entertainment Tonight that "Kristin has always been unfazed by what others say, and has always beaten to her own drum. She is thriving in life both professionally and personally and looks at the outside noise as motivation. She is living life the only way she knows how and that’s by living her truth."

He's Met Kristin's Son

Yep! On Sunday, March 17, the reality star posted a snap on her Instagram Story of Mark walking and talking with one of her sons alongside the caption "🤍."

kristin cavallari instagram
Kristin Cavallari - Instagram

Love! To! See! It!!!!!

And that's all for now due to the fact that THE REST IS STILL UNWRITTEN.

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