Meet Lynne Thiele: The NDP candidate for the District 10 byelection

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Lynne Thiele, the NDP candidate for the upcoming District 10, Charlottetown-Winsloe byelection, has some experience with elections — this is her third time as a candidate.

She ran another time provincially and also in the most recent federal election.

"The odds are against me, but a lot of time changes happen when the odds are against you," said Thiele.

"I still will have gotten my ideas out there."

A writer and teacher

Thiele, who lives in Stratford, decided not to knock on doors for her campaign but she is leaving her postcards — and hopes to connect with people later. Thiele said she believes strongly in the principles of the New Democratic Party and that's why she is running.

"We believe in public funding for public service," she said.

"The idea that the private companies are going to serve those that need help the most, that's not their job, their job is to run a good business and make a profit."

Laura Meader/CBC News
Laura Meader/CBC News

Thiele was a teacher for 30 years in Saskatchewan — and on P.E.I. as well.

She's also a writer and has a master's degree in educational leadership.

Health care and West Royalty school

Thiele said she has the skills to bring about change. When asked what she sees as the top two issues in District 10, she said health care and West Royalty Elementary.

Thiele said she would like to see more done to deal with health problems proactively, to prevent problems from getting worse, and said waiting lists are too long for some treatments.

"With health care we need to provide the best treatment immediately," said Thiele.

I know exactly what I'd like to see happen and the funny thing is, I'd really like to win now. — Lynne Thiele

As for West Royalty Elementary, Thiele said overcrowding, and changing plans for expansion have been frustrating.

"West Royalty should have been in the capital budget, a provincial budget, it should not be relying on federal funding," she said.

Laura Meader/CBC News
Laura Meader/CBC News

So far, every time Thiele has run in an election, she's been the only woman on the ballot, although she said she wishes there were more.

"We need women in leadership, we need more people to vote for a woman who has strong ideals."

Thiele said she knows the NDP may not get the most votes — last election the party had 41 votes in the district — but she's aiming to better that this time around.

"I'm like the teacher who says, 'homework is due.' We're going to get this all finished up and accomplished," she said.

"I know exactly what I'd like to see happen and the funny thing is, I'd really like to win now."

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