Meet the pair who got engaged during the Ford fireworks last night

Among the sea of collapsible chairs and damp umbrellas at last night's Ford fireworks was an unsuspecting Erin Raponi, ready to take in a show her boyfriend's family has been watching for years. 

"I've been coming here pretty much every year of my life," said Brandon Gelinas, standing beside the Detroit River after an almost 30-minute firework display. 

What Raponi didn't know was that she wasn't just becoming part of a tradition.

She was about to be asked to be part of the family. 

'It was amazing!'

Gelinas, with family and friends and thousands of people surrounding them watching the fireworks, proposed to Raponi during the fireworks on Monday night. 

"It was amazing. He got one over on me, honestly," said Raponi, proudly showing off her engagement ring. 

Chris Ensing/CBC

Gelinas' mom Holly was at the riverside, sitting on a folding lawn chair surrounded by family and friends when CBC News caught up to her Monday night before the fireworks. 

With her son and Raponi out of earshot, she let it slip that tonight would be extra special.

After the show, CBC News caught up with the couple to see how things went as they started to pack-up chairs following the fireworks.

Lots of celebrating — but few photos

The couple met about a year ago, with Raponi living in London and Gelinas in Essex County. 

"I took a train every weekend to see him and I thought you know what... let's move in," said Raponi. 

And while the magical moment may have happened in front of one of the most photographed events to happen each year in Windsor — they still had to re-enact the proposal to get perfect snap.

"Turns out nobody actually got the first take on camera, they all screwed up the videos, so we did a little bit of a take two...or three, or four," said Gelinas with a laugh. 

Raponi called it an amazing proposal, pointing out the special made box that had a tiny light in it which made the ring really pop in the moment.