Meet Puff Daddy, the pup with no takers among 1,600 applications

He walks with a slight limp, has only one eye and hates other dogs.

Other rescued dogs are finding forever homes within minutes of becoming available for adoption through the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. 

But Puff Daddy, a five-year-old basset hound border collie mix, is still waiting. 

"The pandemic puppies is what happened — so everyone else managed to find a home, but Puff is kind of left behind. He has a couple special requirements but he's searching for the perfect home," said Shauna Alcock with AARCS.

Puff Daddy marches to his own beat. 

Despite mobility issues, he doesn't seem to stop moving.  

AARCS found Puff Daddy on a rural property almost a year ago. He was chained up and had been attacked, likely by other dogs.

"He didn't really have a chance to escape, so he had a few injuries around his face and his neck area," Alcock said. "He had to have an eye removed, so that surgery means that he kind of has a startle response in one eye."

Since the pandemic started, AARCS has received 1,600 adoption applications, but nobody has taken Puff Daddy home.

"He has his own special personality. He's kind of a dude of his own accord," Alcock said.

As a way to boost Puff's profile, AARCS enlisted the help of Rachael Rodgers.

Rodgers takes professional photographs of rescue dogs. She took Puff Daddy to the mountains and said she was impressed with his energy level.

Rachael Rodgers

"He is hard to get to stand still for a guy with mobility issues. He's on the go all the time," Rodgers said. "I got really lucky and took a break just right in a very scenic spot so I snapped some pictures really quickly." 

Rodgers said it never surprises her to meet an awesome dog who is having trouble being adopted because there are so many great dogs in shelters.

"I have definitely come to realize that for every dog out there, there's a perfect family waiting somewhere. They just need to find each other," Rodgers said.

That is exactly what Alcock is hoping for on Puff Daddy's behalf.

A nice quiet home with no other pets and no small children. A perfect retirement relationship.

"Maybe a couple short walks in the forest," Alcock said. "He really likes to sniff and use his nose, but he's kind of looking for a lower-key, relaxed lifestyle, watching TV with you in the evenings."