The Mega Tsunami That Smashed South East Australia & Drowned Victoria & Tasmania

5000 years ago, a comet broke apart into three pieces upon entry into Earth. The largest piece, smashed into the indian ocean, with the other two smaller pieces landing in different areas of the Pacific Ocean. The Indian Ocean impact, was incredibly disastrous. It landed in a very deep part of the ocean, and, as a result, it released a truly monstrous mega tsunami during impact. This tsunami was so disastrous, that 600 foot high mountains were built in Madagascar in the blink of an eye, when massive amount of churned up sediment that was carried by it, got deposited in truly vast quantities here, and everywhere else that this tsunami stuck, too, including very, very far places, such as Tasmania. When this Mega tsunami struck, it did so with such force, that it severely eroded entire cliff faces, and left deep gashing scars in the land, which document the direction the flow. Along with this, it also deposited something known as seismic chevrons. Which are arrow shaped hills of deposition, that were left after the wave had slammed into Australia. When it began to recede, all the material it carried was just dropped where it landed, and the water move out, but the sediment remained. Because of this, massive layers of sand were deposited, and even though 5000 years have passed, you can still see many places where this tsunami impacted. In this video we take a look at how this massive tidal wave acted when it struck the land of Tasmania, Victoria, and the islands inbetween. Some severe erosive damage was etched into the bedrock of a large section of land from the south western most tip of Tasmania, all the way up to and past Warrnambool in Victoria. In Tasmania, large cliff faces bare the marks of this event in the form of giant east to west orientated scratches, that clearly shows the massive erosive force this mega tsunami unleashed upon the land, altering it in an instant forever. This is episode two of a large series I have planned that covers the mega tsunami chevron deposition left over following the mega tsunami. And I intend on travelling to all the affected continents to note the damage, and to cover the massive deluge that occurred later on, which is dated to have coincided with the onset of the biblical flood stories which are documented by over 150 different cultures worldwide. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you wish to be in the loop for more content such as this, each like, share, comment and subscription helps the channel out immensely. Link to Part 1 of this series: If you are not in a position to donate, I totally understand! The biggest supporting factor that you engage in is to watch our videos all the way to the end (very important for helping us rank) and to share them around so please consider doing this so that Youtube recommends our channel more. If you are in a position to support our channel on Youtube Membership, Patreon, or by donating to our PayPal, the link to all of this can be found below: Link to studies: 💗 SUPPORT OUR PATREON Become a Patreon to unlock special perks, benefits, and the link to our discord server. 🎥 Join our Youtube Channel! Become a Member to access special perks, benefits, our discord server and badges! 💟 Link to our PayPal: For one time donations to show your support for this channel and to allow me to focus on this channel. 🌋 Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: 🌏 About OzGeographics OzGeographics, formally known as Geographics, is an Australian based Youtube channel that releases high quality documentaries in an easy to digest format. We primarily release videos that cover topics in the realm of Earth Sciences or natural disasters, but we also release the odd video here or there that delves into other sciences, or other topics altogether depending on how compelling we find the topic at hand. Our videos are catered for anyone and everyone, and our goal is to attempt to explain hard to understand events in an easy to digest manner that isn't too "dry" in its presentation.