Megan Fox Put the Megan Fox-iest Spin on Coquette Hair

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Despite the fact that her hair is currently the prettiest pastel pink, you wouldn't expect Megan Fox to go full coquette aesthetic, would you? Even her sweetest looks have an edge to them, like Barbie pink nails with metallic chrome stripes or butterfly clips pinned to a siren red bob. The actor beautifully balances pretty and punk elements in her red carpet looks, and her “Punk/Pam” updo is the perfect example of how to put a Fox-y twist on a trending look.

Fox's go-to stylist Dimitris Giannetos turned the star's baby pink hair into a Marie Antoinette-style masterpiece for Super Bowl weekend, pulling it up in a messy, undone French twist like Pamela Anderson's iconic tousled upstyles and pinning it loosely, then pulling out tendrils on either side of her face. For a touch of coquette sweetness, Giannetos placed a black velvet bow right at the top of the twist, but this wasn't a prissy, princessy bow; the ribbons were cut unevenly for a punk edge, and Fox's dark roots toughened up the sugary aesthetic, as did her spike necklace and black skeleton tee. To keep the updo in place while maintaining the soft, undone shape, Giannetos reached for Nexxus's XXL Medium Hold Hairspray.

Fox's makeup artist Jenna Kristina used romantic, subtle pink tones on the star's face to mimic her hair color, brushing pastel pink blush on her cheeks and a similar shade on her lips, plus Fox's signature black liner, lush lashes, and bold brows combo.

Fox typically wears her hair down, but when she pulls it up, you can bet she's going for something tousled and effortlessly cool versus a pristine, every-hair-in-its-place updo. For the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve party, she wore her then-fire engine red hair in a similarly undone “hungover updo”, another Foxian twist on a formal style. If you've got a fancy event on your schedule in the coming months, take a page from Fox's book and tie it up with a bow. Spiked collar necklace optional.

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