Megan Fox says her kids haven’t been ‘raised with screens’

Megan Fox One Party February 2024
Jerod Harris / Stringer

The debate about screen time for kids is likely to never end, as long as screens exist. And now Megan Fox, mom of 11-year-old Noah, 9-year-old Bodhi, and 6-year-old Journey, whom she shares with her ex, Brian Austin Green, has weighed in.

The actress appeared recently on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, where she revealed that for now, she keeps all her kids away from screens, noting that she knows she won’t have control over that forever.

“My oldest is 11, and my kids weren’t raised with screens, and they don’t have iPads or anything like that or phones,” she said. “I can’t keep that up forever. Eventually, that will happen. I’m trying to delay it as long as possible, but when they get a little bit older.”

She didn’t say whether her ex feels the same way, but she did delve into how she feels about her kids joining her in the public eye. Since she and Green are both celebrities, she said she’s kept them out of the spotlight as long as possible, especially after the intense public scrutiny she received for much of the first part of her career.

When the host asked about how she feels knowing that people will likely try to get to her kids through her, Fox admitted that she “loses a lot of sleep about that, especially because I know one of them is going to be in the public — probably all three of them.”

She added, “They’re drop-dead gorgeous kids and both of their parents are actors in the industry so it’s likely they’re going to have some type of public platform at a certain point. I worry about that every day.”

As for whether more kids are in the picture for Fox? It’s not something she talked about during her “Call Her Daddy” appearance, but in November, she released her book of poetry, “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous,” where she wrote in several poems about experiencing a miscarriage with her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly.

In one poem, Fox wrote, “I want to hold your hand / hear your laugh,” and in another, she wrote, “but now / I have to say / goodbye.”

Later in the book, she wrote, “I will pay any price / tell me please / what is the ransom / for her soul?”