Megan Fox Studded Her Red French Tips With Little Silver Balls, and I'm Obsessed

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If you're anything like me, when you see a red backdrop with dots, your mind immediately jumps to Minnie Mouse. An icon, no doubt, but perhaps not inspiration for a particularly edgy beauty look. Then again, after seeing Megan Fox's latest manicure, I'm thinking there is a way to take one of the sweetest patterns and turn it into extremely cool, not-at-all-juvenile nails.

Megan Fox is clearly going through her red period. In addition to sticking to a vibrant red hair color for nearly three months now, the actor decided to steer her new French manicure in a less traditional direction by trading in white tips for fire-engine red — CND's Devil Red, to be exact. Those tips took up nearly half the length of the extra-long nails, offset by CND Uncovered, a neutral beige base. And while those details alone are more than enough to make for a fabulous manicure, Fox took it one intricate and unexpected step further.

Nail artist Brittney Boyce carefully applied over 150 little, metal, rounded studs to the red portion of Fox's French manicure. The little silver circles, Boyce tells Allure, took about an hour to apply — a wee bit longer than your typical nail salon session, but obviously so very worth it.

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Megan Fox

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Fox was seen wearing the manicure at the GQ Man of the Year party late last week, and photos taken at the event might have you believe that the dots are pearls. But thanks to a gorgeous closeup by photographer Cibelle Levi, we got a stunningly clear look at what's definitely silver-tone metal balls.

The look is very edgy-chic, and yet still classic enough to have universal appeal — not unlike Megan Fox herself.

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