Megan Thee Stallion Pinned Back Her Bangs In a Little Pouf Like It's 2009

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When I was in college, there was one hairstyle to rule them all: the infamous “pouf.” It was worn by celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Lindsay Lohan, as well as regular ol' college girls like me. It was easy to do and looked cute with a glittery tank top and skinny jeans tucked into boots, but the pouf eventually fell out of favor. Or did it? If Megan Thee Stallion has anything to say about it, maybe it's time for a pouf revival!

The polarizing late-2000s hairstyle made a cameo in her new video for Amazon Prime Days, where Megan and her French bulldog 4oe compete in a dog show, complete with matching pink tweed outfits. Megan is wearing a platinum blonde wig styled in loose curls down to mid-back, but what caught my eye immediately was that instantly recognizable pouf in all its glory. And it looks so cute!

The front portions of her hair have been pulled back and teased ever so slightly in that signature bump, then pinned away from her face. While the pouf was the go-to daily hairstyle for the late-'00s crowd, the platinum blonde hair and suit combo gives it a retro pinup girl vibe, less “I exclusively shop at Urban Outfitters.” For the rest of her glam, Megan opted for light pink shades to match her tweed outfit, including pale pink shadow, lip gloss, and a light, milky pink stiletto manicure. And of course, 4oe looks adorable as always.

To say the pouf was popular circa 2006 through 2011 is a massive understatement. Even Beyoncé and Mary-Kate Olsen wore it! At Allure, we've been waiting for the pouf renaissance for literal years; back in 2021, we fondly reminisced over the ubiquitous look and hoped for its eventual comeback. It took a few years, but Megan Thee Stallion heard our prayers. Time to pull out the bobby pins!

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