Meghan McCain declares, 'You deserve Trump,' after heated argument on 'The View'

Sophie Ludel
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Meghan McCain let her emotions show today on The View while discussing House Speaker Paul Ryan’s retirement from Congress. The conservative host has been outspoken about her love for Ryan, and she continually defended him today, especially against co-host Joy Behar.

Behar said, “Paul Ryan has been an enabler,” to which McCain responded, “That is factually inaccurate — he has gone up against Trump.” The co-hosts continued to argue as tensions and various political ideologies came to a head.

McCain’s passion for her beliefs and Behar’s pushback resulted in McCain making a very strong statement about President Trump, someone whom neither host is a fan of. She said, “If Paul Ryan is the greatest sin, this is how we got Trump, because if Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and people like this are the worst kind of politicians, then you deserve Trump.”

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