Megyn Kelly's cameraman accidentally stepped on screen and yelled a curse word editors

Another day, another controversy on "Megyn Kelly Today."

The new NBC morning show hosted by Megyn Kelly premiered on Monday and has experienced some sort of controversy every single day since.

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On Thursday, the viral moment came when a cameraman accidentally moved into the live shot while Kelly was interviewing professional soccer player Carli Lloyd. Once he realized that he's blocking Kelly and Lloyd as they're chatting, he moves out of the way and audibly yells "sh-t!" off-camera.

It doesn't appear as though Kelly or Lloyd realized what happened, as they continued to carry on with their interview.

On Monday, Kelly turned heads with a comment she made to a "Will & Grace" superfan about the show turning him gay, which guest Debra Messing said "dismayed" her so much that she regretted going on the show.

On Tuesday, Kelly's "different take" on the current uproar surrounding the "take a knee" movement in the NFL turned a lot of heads, and on Wednesday, Kelly rubbed Jane Fonda the wrong way when she regrettably asked the actress about her history with plastic surgery.

Watch Megyn Kelly's interview with Carli Lloyd in the video at the top of the page.

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