Mel B gets 'revenge' on Simon Cowell in murderous act on 'AGT'

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On America’s Got Talent, forensic mind reader Colin Cloud gave Mel B a chance to get back at Simon Cowell for all the times he has annoyed her. Cloud told Mel, “This is your chance to get some revenge.” He asked her to randomly select a member from the audience to assist him on stage while he solved the “murder of Simon Cowell … right before it happens.”

After Cloud took some time to read the minds of a few audience members, and the lucky lady that Mel picked from the audience, he then asked his new assistant to pick a knife that Mel would get to “murder” Simon with. Cloud instructed Mel to “plunge the knife into Simon Cowell’s chest” and, without hesitation, Mel thrust the knife into Simon’s chest, repeatedly stabbing him until an irritated Simon finally said, “Okay, I’ve got it. I’m dead.” Luckily for Simon, the knife was made of rubber. And judging by Mel’s reaction, it was probably a good thing that she didn’t have a real knife, because when Cloud told everyone that she happened to get the rubber knife from the available options, Mel painfully screamed, “No!” — and there were some real feelings behind it.

Later, Mel asked Cloud why she had to get the rubber knife, which left Simon really questioning his fellow judge. “You know what is weird though is that you didn’t know that was a rubber knife, and you were prepared to kill me,” he said.

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