Melancthon council meets

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The Council of the Township of Melancthon met on Aug. 12.


Council received minutes from the fire board, including the hiring of Everhard Olivieri-Munroe to the position of Volunteer Captain and Volunteer Training Co-ordinator.


A public meeting was held Aug. 12 on allowing a Feral Cat Rescue facility as a temporary use on the 7th Line SW in Riverview. The cat rescue had been operated on 3rd Line, Melancthon.

The location is designated community, and the planner said that is a broad category that could include the use. The proposal would be for two small buildings one for office use and one for the animals.

The lot is now vacant, but the applicant intends to put up a house on the lot.

The organization aims to humanely trap, neuter and return feral cats that reside in Barns, towns and rural properties.


Melancthon was notified by Shelburne of a re-zoning for 1 58-unit townhouse development at 600 Main St. #., Shelburne.


Melancthon council’s agenda package included a link to the public meeting on Aug. 23 on Clearview Township’s proposed regulation of Cannabis Cultivation and Cannabis Production Facilities.

The proposal also would change zoning of Peace Naturals (Con. 12, Sunnidale) and Agri-Farm (Co. Rd. 9) in a special Agriculturally Related Indsutrial Zone.

Clearview had passed an interim control bylaw in October of 2020 prohibiting new Cannabis Operations while regulations were developed.

Melancthon has a cannabis operation which is in operation at 2nd Line SW Melancthon, owned by NWN Scientific Inc.


Council received a letter from Harvey Lyon on the township’s Farm Business Bylaw. That bylaw has been referred to a Committee of the Whole meeting on Sept. 16.

He said that in today’s farm landscape a 100-acre farm is uneconomic without an intensive livestock operation, so that land prices are being anticipated to be supported by a future on-farm business. “This may be good for the tired old farm who is shucking land, and of course, real estate agents, but agriculture?” Mr. Lyon asks.

He recommended taking the approach of Grey Highlands in its bylaw.

Melancthon at the moment requires a 500 m separation between shops, and Mr. Lyon said it served the township well, minimizing concentration of impacts on roads.

He also questioned the long-term effect of “over-captialization” of uneconomic farms.


A motion was put forward by Coun. Margaret Mercer to pave the 4th Line NE and the 5th line by Sept. 1, 2022. The motion was tabled to a future meeting, and the matter referred to the Roads Sub-Committee.


Council received a copy of the KPMG auditor’s note suggesting changes to the oversight of the NDCC board.

Accountability would be made clear with direct reporting to staff of Mulmur or Melancthon. Authority should be with the municipality possibly with the board becoming an advisory committee, KPMG said.

The Town of Shelburne has raised similar issues in a service delivery review.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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