Melfort RCMP purchasing portable ballistics shields

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Melfort council has agreed to cover the funds for $10,000-a-piece portable ballistics shields for the city’s RCMP detachment.

This comes with the RCMP division’s multi-year plan, which was presented and passed by council during their meeting on June 14.

Municipalities within the division’s coverage area are being approached to cover the pooled cost share for the equipment expenditures. Each municipality will be billed as equipment is deployed to their municipal detachment.

Other items the division is requesting include replacement of expired hard body armour, which costs $585 a piece; and licenses to use Android Team Awareness Kits (ATAK) smartphone app, which costs $167 a piece.

According to F Division media relations, planning is currently underway to provide detachments across the province with the ballistics shields starting in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

When asked for comment on the funding request, Glenn George, Melfort’s mayor, said the police service needed it, so that’s why they were funding it.

“We definitely don’t want to pay that amount, but that’s what it costs. It’s one of those decisions that, ‘Do we want policing, or not?’ Yes, we want policing, this is what it costs.”

The yearly estimates of the pooled costs and location specific costs for the City of Melfort for the 2021/22 year sets at $957,313 excluding retro pay, and $1,217,321 including retro pay and pay raise.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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