Melissa McCarthy Feels ‘Oh So Pretty’ Transforming Into Sean Spicer in Hilarious Viral Video

Photo: SNL

Melissa McCarthy was feeling really pretty while prancing around the Saturday Night Live set in a pink chiffon shirt and a flowing floral skirt. So pretty that she was singing West Side Story’s “I Feel Pretty” in a promo for Saturday night’s episode.

There’s no denying how pretty McCarthy actually is … but the final result? Well, that’s debatable.

The actress is returning to the show this weekend to host and of course reprise her impeccable impersonation of Sean Spicer, President Trump’s press secretary.

So, the video, which SNL tweeted on Wednesday, played on the irony of how pretty McCarthy could possibly feel transforming into and playing Spicer. We don’t blame her for feeling pretty in the beginning — her outfit is playful yet chic, her hair is perfectly waved, and a hair and makeup team await her.

But then she sits in the chair and the changes are documented.

A few snips of hair, a lot of powder and — voilà — Sean Spicer brusquely emerges. In a suit and purple tie, Spicer continues McCarthy’s rendition of the song, adding a few things to his outfit, like a jacket and his iconic Apple Watch, while twirling through the studio. He ends on the line: “For I’m loved by a pretty wonderful boy.”

Some would argue with the adjective wonderful, but, otherwise, it’s pretty accurate.

It’s not McCarthy’s best look — although, she still looks pretty even as Spicer — but it might be her best impression.

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