Men Respond With #HowIWillChange After Women Ask #MeTooNowWhat

Isabelle Khoo

By now, almost every woman you know has likely shared the hashtag #MeToo to illustrate the reality of sexual harassment in the world today. But while the campaign has raised awareness and created solidarity among victims everywhere, many have noted that the hashtag isn't enough to create change.

As HuffPost editor Angelina Chapin put it, "Women can turn the whole internet into a list of 'Me toos,' but it won't make a difference until men ― all men ― acknowledge how they perpetuate misogyny and commit to making a change."

As a result, men heard us and responded with their own hashtag in return: #HowIWillChange.

Writer Benjamin Law came up with the hashtag and shared it on Twitter Monday asking men to share how they will be allies to women.