Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain revealed, and we'd leap at the chance

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The Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain is official, but it doesn’t appear destined for America. Mercedes announced the lifted wagon today, but the only region pegged for consumption for the time being is Europe. You may recall we proposed the idea of a C-Class All-Terrain for the U.S. via spy shots not too long ago, though those hopes appear dashed away today.

However, we can still take a look at what might’ve been. Just like the E-Class All-Terrain, the C-Class All-Terrain adopts a rugged design with big, plastic cladding on the fenders. It has unique bumpers (different from the Estate), and Mercedes even fits a faux front skid plate to make it look tougher. Of course, all-wheel drive is standard.

As shown by the photo of the All-Terrain catching air, though, Mercedes does beef up this model’s suspension for slightly better capability off-road. To start, it gets a 1.6-inch lift versus the Estate. Larger steering knuckles are fitted, and it gets dampers featuring a new comfort-oriented tune. The dampers themselves adapt to the surface, and are able to provide better stability than the standard Estate’s dampers under severe conditions.

A pair of new off-road modes also come with the All-Terrain. The standard “OFFROAD” mode is meant to be used on dirt roads, gravel and sand. Meanwhile, “OFFROAD+ with DSR” is designed for more severe terrain and for times you may be headed down a steep hill. A new off-road light also illuminates when you swap into one of these off-road modes that supplies a wider then usual illumination, but it’ll switch off if you go above 31 mph.

Due to the different styling, the All-Terrain is longer, wider and taller than the regular Estate, but only marginally. You can get 17-inch wheels standard, but up to 19-inch wheels are optional — the latter sound like they may defeat the purpose and hurt the All-Terrain’s off-road ability.

You’ll notice that the All-Terrain’s interior is as gorgeous as all the other C-Class models. Nothing big changes inside, but the infotainment system does feature a new off-road vehicle status display. You’ll find vitals like the car’s incline, decline and steering angle in here. Plus, your current geo coordinates and a compass are also displayed.

The engine options don’t matter much considering we won’t be getting this C-Class, but Europeans can choose between a gasoline or diesel option, both featuring 48-volt mild-hybrid technology. Those in Europe will see the new C-Class All-Terrain hit their dealers later this year after Mercedes shows it off at the Munich International Motor Show in September.

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