Mercedes-Benz EQV gets the camper treatment

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With the introduction of an electric version of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class/Metris, the EQV, it was only a matter of time before some company turned it into a camper. The company in question is Sortimo Walter Rüegg PLC, and it has us wishing the van was available in America.

The van is a pretty typical European camper conversion. Sortimo added a popup roof for more space, as well as a foldout bed that goes over the passenger seats. In the back of the van is a kitchen unit that contains a gas stovetop, small sink and a small refrigerator, plus drawers for utensils and more. Other features include swiveling front seats and additional interior lighting and USB outlets.

The company will offer solar panels, too. They don't charge the drive battery, but will power the 12-volt battery and an auxiliary battery for accessories. The two panels on this concept produce 400 watts of power.

Pricing for the conversion isn't available, but it doesn't really matter for us, since we can't even get the regular EQV in the U.S.

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