Meryl Streep Looks Exactly Like The 'Shrek' Fairy Godmother At The Oscars

Meryl Streep’sAcademy Awards look had social media users taking notice, and not just because theBest Actress nomineewas rocking herfloor-length Christian Dior gown.

Really, it was more because Streep turned up looking like she was cosplaying theFairy Godmotherfrom “Shrek 2.”

For those unfamiliar, the Fairy Godmother is a villain who tries to help her son, Prince Charming, steal the love of Fiona away from Shrek. Honestly, the look really works for Meryl. 

Meryl Streep on the Oscars red carpet.

We can only hope she’ll grace us with a surprise performance of“Holding Out for a Hero.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.