A Mess at Govan Transfer Station

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On Wednesday, town Administrator Kelly Walker posted a series of photos on the Town of Govan’s Facebook page showing garbage and furniture not disposed of properly at the local transfer station.

Photos show the mess left behind when garbage was placed in the tree pile, which is only meant for clean, untreated wood and furniture discarded beside the recycling bin.

She urged users to put items into their designated areas and garbage into the bin.

“Last year we received our final “warning” from our inspector, if they would have made a random inspection yesterday our landfill/transfer station would be immediately closed to the public for good and a substantial fine levied against the Town of Govan.”

Walker posted that a witness had come forward who identified who left the furniture, and the town was able to return it to that person.

She warned that further abuse of the transfer station would result in the service being permanently closed and the recycling bin removed. She encouraged people who witness abuse of the area to step forward and, if people had concerns, to speak with the office or a member of the town council.

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times

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