#MeToo moment on 'Survivor' causes producers to step in and throws Twitter into a frenzy

It was an emotionally charged Survivor Wednesday night when five of the women accused one of the male contestants, Dan, of inappropriate behavior. The situation was so bad that, for the first time in show history according to Survivor Reddit, the producers got involved with the cameras rolling. There was even a moment in the show with only words on the screen explaining that producers had met with the cast both as a group and individually to talk about personal space, and that Dan had been issued a warning.

Kellee, MIssy and Elizabeth confided to Janet that Dan’s behavior made them uncomfortable. But not all was as it seemed. Turns out Missy and Elizabeth were aware of the situation and decided to use it to their advantage. They lied to Janet about Dan to manipulate the vote. They admitted as much when confronted by Janet after the vote. In fact, they said they were perfectly comfortable with Dan. Obviously, fans were not happy about Missy and Elizabeth lying about such a serious issue for their own benefit.

After all the accusations, deceit and lies, everything came to a head at the Tribal Council. Dan was upset that the situation wasn’t being “let go.” Jeff Probst snapped at Dan telling him he’ll never let it go. And though Dan proclaimed his innocence, he did the right thing and apologized.

“True, untrue, it doesn’t matter what I feel,” Dan said. “It doesn’t matter whether I’m aware of it. It doesn’t matter whether I ever sensed it. It doesn’t matter whether I knew it happened or didn’t happen. If someone feels it, it’s their truth. I couldn’t be more sorry.”

Despite the outrage aimed at Missy and Elizabeth, not all fan reaction was negative. Jamal had fans cheering simply for stating what should be self evident.

“You believe women if they choose to bring that up because it’s difficult enough to do that in and of itself,” Jamal said. “We have a responsibility to hear women, listen to women, and believe women when they’re ready to tell their stories.”

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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