Metro Transit encourages Halifax to 'do it on the bus'

A new campaign from Metro Transit generated some chatter on social media Tuesday.

The cheeky campaign encourages riders — whether they want to nap, read or use their devices — to "do it on the bus."

Tiffany Chase, speaking for Metro Transit, said the new campaign full of double entendres is an effort to recover from a decline in ridership after last year's transit strike.

"We're being a little bit cheeky with the campaign. We haven't had a campaign like this before but certainly given the level of online interest that we've seen this morning since the campaign launched, I think that we've been successful," she said.

Chase said the ad campaign will pay for itself if it can boost ridership by just one per cent.

There's a campaign of another sort afoot this budget year as well. Metro Transit has asked for a 25 cent fare increase.