Mexico's Olympic ski team is wearing unique racing uniforms again

Mexico’s skiiers will stand out on the slopes

Mexico may not be home to the world’s greatest Alpine skiiers.

But they just might be the best dressed.

Mexico’s ski team unveiled their outfits for the Winter Olympics on Thursday and they’re emblazoned with a “Day of the Dead” theme that will let everyone know who’s coming down the hill.

Mexico has two Alpine skiiers competing in PyeongChang and, as you might imagine, they honed their skills elsewhere.

Rodolfo Dickson (on the left in the above picture) was adopted by Canadian parents from a Puerto Vallarta orphanage when he was young.  Sarah Schleper (middle) is 38, hails from Vail and has competed for the United States in four Olympics — but she’s representing Mexico in Korea because her husband is Mexican and she received dual citizenship in 2014.

Both are following the lead of Hubertus von Hohenlohe (right), a German playboy who represented Mexico in five Winter Games because he was born in Mexico while his parents were visiting the country. Von Hohenlohe, 58, did not qualify for PyeongChang but designed the uniforms after being called the “world’s most interesting Olympian” for his outfits in prior Games.

He wore a mariachi-themed suit for the 2014 Sochi Games …

Hubertus von Hohenlohe at the 2014 Sochi Games.(Getty Images)

… and a desperado-themed outfit for the 2010 Vancouver Games.


(Getty Images)

This might not be the last you hear of von Hohenlohe this month. The skiier told USA Today that he plans to release a song protesting President Donald Trump’s plan to erect a wall between the United States and Mexico.