Miami-Dade Fire Rescue says search and rescue efforts continue after an overnight apartment collapse

At a press conference on Thursday morning, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Assistant Ray Jadallah gave an update on an apartment complex that collapsed overnight.

Video Transcript

RAY JADALLAH: So Miami-Dade Fire Rescue at approximately 1:30 this morning responded to a reported building collapse. To summarize, we have a 12-story, 136-unit apartment complex that had sustained a partial collapse. The northeast corridor of the apartment had collapsed, approximately 55 apartment units.

Our units began search and rescue efforts. They pulled 35 occupants that were trapped inside the building. In addition to those 35, 10 were assessed and treated. Two were transported to various hospitals.

Search and rescue efforts are still ongoing. We do have operations conducting inside, based on additional intel that we're receiving from resources inside. To again-- to kind of echo the mayor's words, we have established a reunification center. And if you do have loved ones that are not answering your call, we ask that you do contact the phone number that-- that's been given to you. 305-614-1819. Thank you.