A Miami mansion fit for a soccer king: Check out this architect’s dream home for Messi

As Lionel Messi continues to house-hunt in South Florida after his spectacular start with Inter Miami, at least one architect has visions of building a dream home for the soccer star.

Veliz Arquitecto posted images and video of a jaw-dropping rendering, inspired by No. 10’s famed “M” logo.

“This majestic mansion consists of three levels and is located on an exclusive ship-shaped island, providing privacy and a privileged location,” reads the description of the Space-Agey crib, which would be on the water, obvio.

Jorge Veliz told the Miami Herald that he worked up the concept of this over-the-top mega-mansion because he’s a big fan of the Argentine footballer, though he’s never seen him play live.

“I think Messi coming here is a big plus,” said the Coral Gables resident, who is originally from Cuba. “It’s huge for tourism and for the sport of soccer overall. It’s just very exciting.”

Veliz said he made sure to keep Messi’s needs for comfort and luxury in mind when designing the snazzy place in his brain. And he thinks the baller’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo and three sons probably wouldn’t mind the digs (no square footage or exact location given).

“They won’t want for much here,” he said. “There is so much room, and places to have parties or just relax.”

Think 10 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, seven swimming pools, a dock for any visitor with a yacht, three helipads, a couple of game rooms, a movie theater, and, natch, a soccer field.

If the beloved athlete has a hankering to try out a different sport, Velez also threw in a basketball court for good measure.

And a 20-car garage would come in handy for Messi, an avid collector of luxury vehicles.

“If he needs an architect,” says Veliz who puts the price of the island estate northward of $100 million, “I’m here.”