Miami police officer to be disciplined for wearing Trump mask at polling station

James Crump
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Miami Police officer Daniel Ubeda in a polling station in Miami ((Steve Simeonidis - Twitter))
Miami Police officer Daniel Ubeda in a polling station in Miami ((Steve Simeonidis - Twitter))

A Miami police officer will be disciplined after wearing a “Trump 2020” face mask at a polling station.

On Tuesday, officer Daniel Ubeda was spotted wearing the mask and his police uniform at the Government Centre in Miami, Florida, while in line to vote. Florida began early voting on Monday ahead of 3 November’s election.

Miami-Dade Democratic Party chair Steve Simeonidis spotted Mr Ubeda at the polling station and confronted him about wearing the “Trump 2020” face covering, before he then took his picture and posted it on Twitter.

Mr Simeonidis captioned the tweet: “Here is @CityofMiami Police Officer Daniel Ubeda, in full uniform with badge and gun wearing his Trump mask inside of the polling location in government centre.

“This is city funded voter intimidation. Ubeda should be suspended immediately.”

Mr Simeonidis told the Miami Herald that when he confronted the police officer about the mask, Mr Ubeda “laughed it off.”

In a follow up tweet, Mr Simeonidis added: “Not only is this an egregious form of voter intimidation, but it’s also a crime.”

His face mask was reportedly a violation of Florida laws that prohibit the display of campaign signs within 150ft of a polling station. Political campaigning in the course of official duties is also banned in the state.

Miami mayor Francis Suarez told the Herald that Mr Ubeda’s actions were “inappropriate,” and added that wearing the mask was “a violation of departmental orders. A police officer is supposed to be impartial.”

He added: “Irrespective of who the person was, whatever sign it would have been, it would've been problematic.”

Miami Police deputy chief Ron Papier told the Herald that he spoke to chief Jorge Colina about the incident, and revealed that “appropriate disciplinary action” will be taken against Mr Ubeda.

“Obviously this is a clear violation of our department policy regarding campaigning while on duty,” Mr Papier said.

The mask was also emblazoned with “no more bulls***”, which has become an unofficial slogan for President Donald Trump, according to the Daily Mail.

Mr Papier added: “Additionally, the mask has offensive language, which is also a violation of department policy.”

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