Michael Bisping being sued for assault at a California gym

Michael Bisping is being sued by a 19-year-old California man for assault, battery and false imprisonment. (Getty)

Michael Bisping is a little over a week away from the biggest fight of his career when he defends his UFC middleweight title against the returning Georges St-Pierre. However, the Brit now has something else to worry about outside of the Octagon because he is being sued by a teenager who alleges that Bisping choked him at a 24-Hour Fitness gym in July.

Antonio Georgakopoulos, 19, is accusing Bisping of assault, battery and false imprisonment after an alleged incident at the gym in Anaheim, California on July 31.

According to the lawsuit, acquired by TMZ Sports, Bisping became enraged when Georgakopoulos took his weights without asking during a workout. The 19-year-old said in the complaint that he was working out with a friend and didn’t know the Bisping was using the weights. Things allegedly escalated as Bisping called Georgakopolous an “idiot” and a “punk” before grabbing him by the throat. Georgakopolous claims that he was losing consciousness but an individual intervened and separated the two.

Georgakopolous claims that the Anaheim police arrived on the scene and arrested Bisping for assault. However, TMZ Sports reports that Bisping was not arrested and there was not enough evidence to proceed with criminal charges against the UFC champion.

Georgakopolous states that he had to deal with “intense throat pain” as well as “nightmares, difficulty sleeping and anxiety” from Bisping’s actions.

Bisping has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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