Michael Phelps is going to race a shark for 'Shark Week'

Michael Phelps is going to race a freaking shark. (Getty)

Michael Phelps has established himself as the greatest swimmer in human history. So now he’s apparently going to start working his way through the animal kingdom, and he’s beginning at the top: racing a shark.

Yes, as part of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in late July, Phelps will take to the water to race an actual live shark. Presumably, the show’s producers aren’t going to just throw a shark in an Olympic pool somewhere, so Phelps will probably be racing in more open waters. We also don’t know if Phelps (or the shark) will get a diving start, what stroke will be required, or whether Phelps and the shark will be separated by something more than just lane ropes.

Phelps and sharks are apparently bros, given a recent tweet:

Shark Week every year edges closer and closer to Sharknado, and this is only hastening the ride. Still: Phelps. A shark. You’re going to watch, you know it.
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