Michael Steele Burns GOP Senators With Damning Donald Trump Meeting Prediction

Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele doesn’t appear to hold out much hope for former President Donald Trump’s reported upcoming meeting with Republican senators.

The exchange will “go as it always goes with these guys,” with Republicans falling in line behind presumptive GOP presidential nominee Trump “because they have to,” Steele told MSNBC’s Ana Cabrera on Tuesday.

The former Republican grandee continued: “There’s no thread here or backbone that’s going to tell Donald Trump to his face, ‘You, sir, need to stand down and allow us to move forward with a different nominee. You are a convicted felon. It is not a good brand for the party of law and order to be led by someone who is a 34-time convicted felon.’ But they won’t do that.”

Instead, Steele suggested, the conversation will be about how the lawmakers can “butter” up Trump with praise.

Steele also ridiculed the notion that Trump’s governing strategy will be on the agenda. Trump won’t have such a thing, said Steele, slamming him as the “chaos candidate.”

Watch Steele’s analysis here: