Michael Thomas scoffs at Super Bowl referee Bill Vinovich, who oversaw infamous Saints-Rams game

On Wednesday, the NFL announced that referee Bill Vinovich will head the officiating crew for the upcoming Super Bowl LIV.

He will be joined by umpire Barry Anderson, field judge Michael Banks, down judge Kent Payne, side judge Boris Cheek, line judge Carl Johnson, back judge Greg Steed and replay official Mike Chase.

At least one player who won’t be involved in the game disapproved of the selection.

‘He don’t even own any flags’

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas scoffed at the assignment with multiple tear-filled emojis on Twitter.

“O no,” Thomas wrote. “He don’t even own any flags. Let me stop.”

You see, Thomas — like much of the rest of the city of New Orleans — has history with Vinovich. Vinovich led the crew that oversaw the infamous 2018-19 NFC championship and perhaps the biggest missed call in the history of the game.

It wasn’t Vinovich’s responsibility to throw the flag on Nickell Robey-Coleman for his blatant pass interference violation in that game — a flag that would have all but ensured a berth in the Super Bowl for the Saints.

Shockingly, a Saints player has a problem with an NFL officiating decision. (Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

But he was in charge of the crew that missed the call that prompted a drastic change to the NFL’s replay review system. And now he’s getting a Super Bowl.

And a Saints player is salty about it — to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

The Saints and their fans catch flack for not letting this one go. But if you were looking down at a ringless finger that you believe should be adorned, you’d probably hold a grudge too.

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