Michelle Obama Dishes On The President's 'Bromance' With Bill Clinton

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When former President Bill Clinton gave Barack Obama a big hug on stage at this year's Democratic National Convention, following the former president's rousing DNC speech, many viewers were touched by the public display of affection.

But was the hug symbolic of a "bromance" between the two leaders? Access Hollywood's Michelle Beadle sat down exclusively with the First Lady herself to get to scoop on the friendship between President Clinton and President Obama.

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"Barack stays in close communication with all the former Presidents and Bill Clinton has been an important advisor friend and supporter for a very long time. So, I guess it was the public display of the 'bromance,'" Mrs. Obama said in an exclusive new interview with Access. "But Barack understands that to be good at this job you have got to learn and listen from those who've done it. And because there are so few people alive today who have done this job, you don't waste any of that advice.

"So he has reached out to... all of the living Presidents and seeks their advice and counsel," she added.

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While Mrs. Obama may not necessarily qualify President Clinton and President Obama's relationship as a "bromance," she said her husband was very thankful for President Clinton's speech at the DNC.

"I know that he was grateful to have somebody like Bill Clinton speak about the economy and create some clarity around the challenges and understanding that you don't get out of the economic mess that we we're in in three-and-a-half short years," she said. "Having him shed some light on the direction that's needed based on his eight years of experience-- that was, you know, that was very helpful."

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