Michelle Wolf seems unfazed by fallout from White House Correspondents dinner

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Michelle Wolf sat down with her former employer, who wasted no time bringing up her widely criticized performance at this year's White House Correspondents dinner.

"It went great and every single person loved it," Wolf joked to Seth Meyers, who added, "Every single person across the board. Never happened before." Wolf continued her funny sarcasm by stating, "No, everyone loved it. Even, actually, Sarah Huckabee Sanders called me, and she was like, 'I loved it so much. I got every joke.'" Meyers laughed at Wolf's joke, before responding, "Really? Cause I was watching. There were a few that seemed like she maybe didn't like or get," to which Wolf responded, "Well, you know, you give the best information you have at the time. It's a philosophy."

Meyers then pointed out that Wolf's performance received the most views of any other White House Correspondents dinner performer on C-SPAN's YouTube channel. A view count that took Meyers seven years to reach, which Wolf beat in less than three days. "It's great. Yeah, I think that means I'm the father of your children now," Wolf told Meyers. "They're mine now."

And that wasn't the only thing Meyers wanted to share. He also pulled out a photo that was taken after Wolf's performance of the comedienne surrounded by her writers, and Wolf had a hilarious response about what was being chanted when she walked into the room. "They're chanting, 'Lock her up!'"