Michigan State running back L.J. Scott: Michigan is 'our little sisters'

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Michigan State running back L.J. Scott got the trash talking between the Spartans and the Michigan Wolverines started elarly this season, calling the Wolverines their “little sister” at the Big Ten media days in Chicago this week. (Getty Images)

The in-state football rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State is one of the better rivalries in all of college football.

Naturally, the smack talk between the two teams’ respective fan bases almost never goes quiet.

That talk often spills over to the players, too. Spartans running back L.J. Scott was asked about his interactions with the Wolverines at the Big Ten media days in Chicago on Thursday, and instantly recalled his first trip to Ann Arbor — the 2015 game that ended with the incredible fumbled snap and Spartans touchdown recovery in the final seconds.

“It’s like we get no respect from them,” Scott told the Detroit Free Press. “And I pretty much learned that freshman year.”

When asked why he thinks that is, well, Scott brought out a classic — though blatantly sexist — comment.

“I don’t know,” Scott told the Detroit Free Press. “Probably because they’re our little sisters, I guess.”

Calling your opponent your “little sibling” is a common jab that has been thrown around for years between rivals. Michigan running back Mike Hart famously brought out that line in 2007 following the Wolverines’ 10-point fourth-quarter comeback.

Michigan does hold a significant lead in the all-time series battle between the two schools. But when looking at the last decade or so between the schools, Michigan State does hold a heavy advantage.

The Spartans have won eight of the last 10 matchups, and Scott hasn’t personally lost to Michigan either. And, to add even more fuel to the fire, Michigan State has had more success overall in recent years. The Spartans reached the College Football Playoff in 2015, have won three Big Ten titles and have a Rose Bowl appearance.

The big game is still nearly three months away — the Spartans host Michigan on October 20 — so comments like Scott’s are likely just getting started. Expect to see plenty more of its kind leading up to the battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy this season

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