Microbrewery advances in Mono

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Mono Council passed a Zoning Bylaw Amendment for a proposed micro brewery at its November 17 meeting. There was some objections from a few surrounding neighbours, however the majority of input was very positive.The primary issue of concern was water usage and this was addressed by a pump test conducted by Cambium. The test, using the existing well and pip-ing confirmed that the water supply was more than adequate and that a 98% recovery was achieved within 24 hours. Three private offsite wells were monitored during the test and no adverse effects were documented. The current max flow is 18 litres per min-ute, but could be increased to as much as 38 litres per minute if required. The proposed daily draw is 7,000 litres per day which is considered to be a very low amount, roughly equivalent to four, four bedroom homes. Such an amount is not considered signifi-cant according to Cambium. The project meets all the required policies and provisions of the Province, the County and Town. The County saw no problem with excess traffic on Mono Centre Road and had no objections to the proposed Microbrew-ery.As well, the Zoning Bylaw Amendment regulates the size of the Microbrewery and any increase in size would require a new application. The site and the buildings will detail the rural agricultural look of the prop-erty.Since Council passed the Zoning Bylaw Amendment, development of the proposed Microbrewery will procee

Peter Richardson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Orangeville Citizen