Microsoft's full set of Office apps will be available on Apple's Vision Pro — including the company's new AI assistant, Copilot

  • Microsoft is bringing a full suite of Office apps to Apple's Vision Pro.

  • The company said the apps would be available from the product's launch day.

  • The tech giant said it had even adapted its AI assistant for the mixed-reality headset.

Microsoft is bringing a full suite of Office apps to Apple's Vision Pro.

The tech giant said programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint would be available on Apple's new tech on its launch day.

In a blog post, the company also said its new everyday AI companion, Copilot, would be available for users. Microsoft said it had previously worked closely with Apple to develop its platforms to fit the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

"Now, with Apple Vision Pro, these apps make use of the infinite canvas of spatial computing and can appear side by side at any scale for incredible multitasking," Microsoft said in the blog post.

The hotly-anticipated Apple product is set to launch in the US on Friday. Preorders for the mixed-reality headset have seen a stronger-than-expected demand, with the company estimated to have sold around 200,000 headsets.

Some analysts have predicted demand for the headset might taper off once die hard Apple fans have got their hands on it. TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the market for the device was still pretty niche and predicted the high price tag might deter some potential customers.

Apple has also faced issues from some companies, including streaming giant Netflix, that have said they don't plan to develop apps to fit the new tech.

Microsoft, however, is making all its productivity apps, including its workplace platform Teams, available for Apple users.

Apple has been marketing the tech as a way to work more efficiently, with one demo showing how to use the tech to create a virtual office.

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