Migrant Workers Await Justice as Charges laid against Scotlynn Farms

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Ontario’s Ministry of Labour has laid 20 charges against Scotlynn SweetPac and owner Scott Biddle. The actions follow COVID-19 outbreak where 199 workers tested positive, and the death migrant farmworker Juan Lopez Chaparro.

Gabriel Flores worked at Scotlynn Farms was among those who tested positive for COVID-19. He spoke to the Toronto Star regarding substandard housing, and working conditions. He was fired after speaking to the media. "These charges are not enough. There need to be systemic changes to the laws to make sure the workers can safely defend themselves against bad employers. That change begins with permanent status on arrival so that migrants can access the same rights, protections and essential services as anyone else," Flores said of the charges. Flores brought a complaint against his former employer to the Labour Relations board, and won in November, 2020.

Shazia Nazir, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Milton Reporter, Milton Reporter

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