Mike Pence's Campaign Launch Attracts Twitter Mockery From All Sides

Mike Pence may have inadvertently found a way to unite Americans of all political persuasions, but not in the way he probably wants.

On Wednesday — the former vice president’s 64th birthday — Pence released a video to officially announce his bid for the Republican presidential nomination ― without mentioning Donald Trump once, by the way.

In the process, he managed to do something that neither his former boss nor Democratic President Joe Biden could in recent years: Bring people together for a common cause.

Based on the reaction from Twitter users, though, that common cause seems to be making fun of Pence.

Many mocked the idea that he could win over Trump fans following the U.S. Capitol riot in 2021, when insurrectionists chanted “hang Mike Pence” over his refusal to help Trump disrupt the certification of the 2020 election results.

Some Trumpers responded to Pence’s campaign launch by referring to him as “traitor” or “Judas.”

Other tweets suggested that people from all sides enjoyed dunking on the former veep.