Mike Trout plays fantasy GM using current MLB players and his picks at QB, RBs may surprise you

If you’re well versed on baseball superstar Mike Trout, then you probably know that he’s a big Philadelphia Eagles fan. So it was no surprise that in his chat with Yahoo Sports MLB writer Tim Brown, the two discussed, well, football.

“As a sports fan in general, when your team wins the championship, it definitely pumps you up a bit.” Trout said of the Eagles’ recent Super Bowl crown on the Yahoo Sports MLB Podcast.

The other topics in the discussion included Trout’s Eagles fandom and Philly’s recent drafting of a rugby giant.

Mike Trout projects as a formidable strong safety in an NFL universe. (Getty Images)

Another portion of the football discussion that stood out was hearing Trout play fantasy general manager, assigning current MLB players to three skill position roles (at the 2:04 mark of the podcast). His choices:

QB: Max Scherzer (“He can put it probably anywhere he wants.”)
RB 1: Giancarlo Stanton
RB 2: Aaron Judge

Perhaps this will change as the Phillies’ rebuilding process takes root.

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